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Portable Small Self-Squeeze Mini Mop

Portable Small Self-Squeeze Mini Mop

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First, install the cotton head and soak it in water. The mini mop is equipped with a wringer, which can be folded in half with a hand at 180° to squeeze out the water, and the washing and dehydration are integrated.

Our portable self-squeezing mini mop is lightweight and compact, allowing you to clean small corners of your home with ease.


Compact and Lightweight Design - Portable self-squeezing mini mop has a stretch length of 11.6x6.1in, featuring light weight and compact size, allowing you to clean and store easily. The small mop head storage size is perfect for tight spaces and on-the-go cleaning. 

Storable DesignHanging design, easy to solve the trouble of cotton head stains, easy to store, does not take up space, very wear-resistant, suitable for long-term repeated use.

Cleaning is More Convenient - Biodegradable environmentally friendly cotton head is used, soft and delicate, easy to clean, light lazy mop, one-stop cleaning without burden, great water lock and easy to use.

Wet and Dry Dual-use & Hand-free Washing - Water stains can be wiped off immediately, No water stains, ring-type push-pull design, folded in half for 180-degree strong extrusion, washing and dehydration integrated, single-handed pulling and squeezing water, Suitable for all kinds of table tops, window glass, floors, kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms.

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